Funded by a Leverhulme International Professorship and located in the Department of Archaeology at the University of York, the Heritage for Global Challenges Research Centre is home to a collaborative group of critical and creative researchers who engage with heritage. Working in and across the varied fields that intersect with heritage as a key object of inquiry, and built around international and interdisciplinary collaboration, the Centre aims to:

  • Tackle a suite of global challenges that articulate with heritage at local, regional and global scales;
  • Undertake ground-breaking, transformational research;
  • Forge strong networks with heritage communities and end users; and
  • Provide an inclusive space in which to train the next generation of heritage researchers.

We aim to amplify without taking possession, dismantling the core of current heritage thinking whilst simultaneously re-imagining it from the margins. Framed around this ‘core-periphery’ distinction, the Centre is guided by the following objectives:

1) To sponsor a radical paradigm shift in how we think about heritage, steering related fields towards meaningful activation of otherwise marginalised relationships with the past;
2) To enhance collaborative knowledge production in support of an effective global heritage infrastructure that fortifies local heritage curiosities;
3) To create an industry-facing outlook that uses to maximum effect both academic and practitioner expertise to enact an anti-colonial and sustainable heritage framework;
4) To facilitate the widespread adoption of methodological innovation capable of supporting paradigmatic transformation.