The Politics of Land, Language and Biodiversity on the Island of Jersey

Fruiting flowers in the botanical gardens. Image by Dana Olărescu.

Project Team: Kaajal Modi and Dana Olărescu

Project Support and Funding: ArtHouse Jersey and The Leverhulme Trust

Native Tongues is an artistic research project that explores interrelationships of land, language and food biodiversity. The project aims to bring together older Jèrriais speakers and migrant children who are learning the language, to discuss vernacular ways of caring for the soil. The aim is to strengthen the connections between the two demographics, practise the language, and unearth vital knowledge for Jersey’s soil resilience.

The project is a collaboration with ArtHouse Jersey and will consist of a series of three seasonal artistic workshops with different audiences on the island, as a way to explore biocultural knowledges held in the land, the sea and the language. Participants will be invited to a series of workshops where we will be sharing seeds, foraging plants, foraging and brewing fertiliser, and growing plants. During the workshops, we will talk about the perspectives of members of communities living on the Island of Jersey, its history, interpretation, and reception. 

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