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Grow your own Mother– Part 2

Friday 1 December 5–7pm, drop-in Gallery North, Northumbria University,  Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 8QE

Join centre postdoc Kaajal Modi and artist Louise Mackenzie for Grow your own Mother – Part 2, the fourth conversation in the Carrying the Craft series, part of Institutional Fieldworking: CNoS@10

Carrying the Craftare informal, beginner-level sessions aimed at all staff and students with an interest in practice-based research methods to explore craft-based making as a carrier for the exchange and generation of knowledge between researchers and practitioners across disciplinary boundaries. Each session will be led by a different Cultural Negotiation of Science member; Christine Borland, Louise Mackenzie (2 sessions), Alis Oldfield and Laura Harrington – we are by no means skilled artisans, but making rituals and lived knowledge production are the embedded craft of our research and practice.  

Four sessions in: flax processing and spinning, felting wool, machine knitting and kombucha fermentation will focus on knowledge passed on through making together, while sharing stories of materials and processes. As the Carrying the Craft hub, Gallery North becomes the non-aligned space for cross-disciplinary thinking and research co-creation while our hands are moving and making. We are indebted to writer Ursula K. Le Guin’s Steering the Craft (1998) and The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction (1986) for our title, foundational theory and methodology.

Institutional Fieldworking: CNoS @10 is a three-week series of exhibitions and events celebrating the tenth anniversary of Northumbria University’s Cultural Negotiation of Science Research Group (CNoS).

All workshops have a limit of 12 and booking is essential via the named contacts. For bookings e-mail –