Axis Lead: Dr Hayley Saul

Research undertaken under the theme of “Cultures of Disaster and Survivance” will investigate ethnographies of heritage in the Hindu Kush Himalayas that can be ‘activated’ to support human flourishing, grow diverse community livelihoods, manage vulnerabilities, promote wellbeing, and protect community (including Indigenous) traditions.

The Langtang Heritage Trail, Nepal

Project Team: Hayley Saul, Emma Waterton, Meredith Potts (FIRE), Peter Blystone (Blystone Productions)

Project Support and Funding: Flagstaff International Relief Effort (FIRE), Community Action Nepal (CAN), with funding provided by Western Sydney University’s Vice-Chancellor, the Institute for Culture and Society (WSU) and public donations

Cuisine along the Himalayan rim: past perspectives for future dietary resilience

Project Team: Hayley Saul, Oliver Craig, Michael Spate, Nicholas Fuller, Alison Betts

Project Support and Funding: The Leverhulme Trust and the Edwin Cuthbert Hall Chair of the Archaeology and Mythology of the Ancient Near East, University of Sydney

Liquid Landscape Heritage and Urban Water Scarcities in Kathmandu

Project Team: Anoj Khanal and Hayley Saul

Project Support and Funding: The Leverhulme Trust and the Landscape Research Group

Native Tongues: the politics of land, language and biodiversity on the island of Jersey

Project Team: Kaajal Modi and Dana Olărescu

Project Support and Funding: Arthouse Jersey and The Leverhulme Trust