Sign reading save the world, plant a tree with a painted tree

Axis Leads: Prof. Emma Waterton, Dr Hayley Saul

Research undertaken under the theme of “Anthropocene Encounters” will develop new heritage frameworks that explicitly and productively incorporate the ecological and environmental conditions of the Anthropocene, in ways that move beyond the limitations of current conservation practices.

“Welcome to Pine Point”:
Anthropocene Encounters in the Northwest Territories

Project Team: Tanja Hoffmann, Hayley Saul, Emma Waterton

Project Support and Funding: The Leverhulme Trust and the Landscape Research Group

Songs of the Water: exploring urban waterway heritages through embodied listening

Project Team: Kaajal Modi (artist) and Kitty Turner (audio producer)

Commissioned by: Counterpoints and Art Reach as part of their ‘Climate Justice & Displacement’ fund