Axis Lead: Prof. Emma Waterton

Research undertaken under the theme of “Mobilities and Materialities” will counter current forms of heritage management by focusing on processes of globalisation and migration in order to expose a more flexible and mobile conception of heritage.

Heritage-Making Among Recent Migrants in Parramatta (Sydney, Australia)

Project Team: Denis Byrne, Emma Waterton, Jasbeer Musthafa Mamalipurath, Wei Liu, Xiaoli Li, and Tim Smith (Heritage NSW).

Project Support and Funding: Australian Research Council Linkage Scheme (LP180100823), Heritage Council of NSW and Heritage NSW

From the Remains of Empire: Upcycling and reclaiming heritage in Gibraltar

Project Team: Jason Dittmer, Emma Waterton and Chris

Mobilities, Materialities, and Heritage Construction: The Complexity of Movement for Disabled Individuals in Twentieth Century England

Project Team: Niamh Malone, Emma Waterton (supervisor), and John Schofield (supervisor)

Project Support and Funding: The Leverhulme Trust